Tele-consultation services exclusively for patients and family members suffering from COVID-19 and Post COVID complications.

We are witnessing an unprecedented surge in the COVID-19 cases. The second wave of the pandemic has turned out to be far more devastating than the first wave. In the current collapsed heath care system, it is not just the fear of contracting the virus, but people all over are fighting hard to even avail the basic treatment for the illness. Along with the serious physical health related complications, COVID-19 has also brought significant mental health related concerns for everybody. The patients and their family members are experiencing significant fear, anxiety, panic, frustration, uncertainty, depression, emotional breakdown, grief, OCD and a wide range of negative emotions.

In addition to the regular clinic based services, AKGsOVIHAMS is also offering the service of Free tele-consultation facilities exclusively for patients and family members suffering from COVID-19 as well as post COVID complications. Tele-consulation services will be available for both Homeopathic treatment and Psychological Management. Dr. A.K. Gupta and Dr. Sanket Gupta will be available for preventive, curative and post-COVID management, whereas Clinical Psychologists, Mr. Kaartik Gupta and Mrs. Dharitri Dutta Gupta can be consulted for any assistance in dealing with mental health concerns.

Patients suffering with any medical problems like – Throat problem, Cough, Fever, Respiratory Distress, Breathlessness, Pains, etc. can consult our Homoeopathic experts. For any Psychological issues like – Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Difficulties, Grief and Bereavement, etc. you can consult our Clinical Psychologists.

Timings: Monday- Saturday (5:30 pm – 8:30 pm).

Contact details:
Dr. A.K. Gupta: +91-7011842322
Dr. Sanket Gupta: +91-9711013938
Kaartik Gupta: +91-8851653345
Dharitri Dutta Gupta: +91-7002473202
We are in this together… and together…we shall overcome!

Please take care and stay safe.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this blog is for News Reporting and Educational Purposes Only.

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