In aglittering function hosted by the Prime Time Research Media Pvt. Ltd.

At Hotel Ashok on Sunday 11th August, AKGsOVIHAMS

(Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy& Allied Medical Sciences) has won the prestigious Global Health Care Excellence Award for the Best Homoeopathic Centre in Delhi. Founder-Director of AKGsOVIHAMS, Prof. Dr. A.K. Gupta, Founder Director received the award along with his son Dr. Sanket Gupta. On being asked about the occasion and his centre, a very happy Dr. A. K. Gupta told the media persons “AKGsOVIHAMS was started in 1999 with an aim and vision to provide health for all through Homoeopathy. I am glad to say, one and all have benefitted from the centre and I am really thankful to the Prime Time for recognizing our selfless efforts.” Dr. Gupta said that apart from the regular medical problems we through Homoeopathy are dealing with some Rare and so called Incurable disease also with very encouraging results and providing Homoeopathic treatment to patients not only in India but to patients from all over the world.

Dr. Sanket Gupta added about the various researches being carried out at AKGsOVIHAMS especially in incurable diseases like Motor Neuron Diseases (MND) and Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). He said Homoeopathy has been able to show remarkable results in these dreadful diseases.

The Global Health Care Excellence Awards function was shining with the presence of stalwarts from the field of Medicine, Education and Economics. Chief Guests Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar – Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Dr. Girdhar Gyani – Director General of Association of Healthcare Providers (India), Dr. Ajay Kumar, Council Member – World Medical Association and Dr. Rakesh K. Gupta – Hny. Joint Secretary, Indian Medical Association presented awards to the winner at a function held last night at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi organized by Prime Time Research Media, New Delhi.

The Jury to select the winners constituted highly qualified and eminent personalities hailing from healthcare and was asked to base their decisions on strict mechanisms and criteria viz. excellence, quality, finesse, innovation, distinction and merit.

Specialist Doctors ,Surgeons ,Cardiologists, doctors from all systems of Medicine, Dentists, Dietician and Physiotherapist from all over India were awarded for their contributions to the respective fields.

Medical centres and institutions like AIIMS, Apollo Hospital ,AKGsOVIHAMS (Om Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences) and Heart & Lung Institute of Delhi were adjudged the best medical centres in Delhi for their medical & healthcare services.

We are committed to take care of Health & Happiness with Homeopathy.

Welfare of patients is our sole Aim. H O M E O P A T H Y Homeopathy Ensures Health Safely. It Restores the Health without any Adverse Effects.Homeopathy Treats the patients in Holistic Manner.

It is Sweet & Gentle for Kids ,Youngsters and Elderly All can have Sweet Pills to eat and Sweet Behavior to Admire TREAT ALLERGIES WITH HOMEOPATHY Homeopathy helps people those who suffer from various kind of Allergies.

Allergy is the Hypersensitivity of the body to certain specific allergens. It can be Endogenous (Internal) and Exogenous (External).Allergy can manifest itself in the following manner :Respiratory symptoms like Sneezing, Cold, Cough and Breathlessness.

Skin- in the form of Itching, Rashes, Urticaria, Swelling, Redness etc.Gastric- In the form of Abdominal Pain, Diarrhoea, Vomitings etc.Musculo-Skeletal- Pains, Swelling, Cramps etc.

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