22nd AHML International Homoeopathic Conference held in Malyaisa , Kualalampur

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22nd AHML International Homoeopathic Conference held in Malyaisa , Kualalampur

Recently 2 days 8-9th Nov. 2014 22nd International Homoeopathic Conference was held in Kualalmpur, Malaysia organized by Asian Homoeopathic Medical League.

Conference was inaugurated by the Datuk Dr.S.Subramanium, Hon'ble Minister of Health, Malaysia.  More than 200 doctors participated in the conference.

Various topics like Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, Spasmodic Dysphonia, Bell’s Palsy, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Yumeiho Therapy.


The prominent speakers were Dr. M.Jawaid Khokhar, Dr. Anil Seth, Dr. Anwar Amin, Dr.Sanket Gupta,Dr. Jahangir Alam, Prof. Dr.A.K.Gupta, Dr.Siti Aishah,  Dr.Faisal Cuheni, Dr.M.Latiff, Dr. Mehmet Kocabas and Zaphir Lembang

From India Dr.A.K.Seth and Dr. Anwar Amir presented papers on Cancer with Homoeopathically treated cases with documented reports and videos. Dr.Anwar emphasised the use of LM potency.

Dr.Sanket Gupta presented his paper A case of Spasmodic Dysphonia cured with Homoeopathy. Dr.Sanket was the youngest among all speakers in the conference. His paper was appreciated by all the doctors. He was presented with an award of excellence by Dr. Mohd  Nasir and Dr. Nik Fairuz of Malaysia.

Prof.Dr. A. K. Gupta presented four cases of Bell’s Palsy cured with Homoeopathy and presented  Audio-Video graphic testimony of  those cases showing  improvement and cure at various stages.

Dr. M.javaid Khokar from Pakistan presented paper on Diabetes Mellitus, Dr.Kocabech from Turkey presented his paper on Holistic Medicine, Dr.Sleve Abdullah presented paper on Skin diseases. Dr. Siti Aiashah presented paper on Aloe Vera therapy and Dr.Zaphir Lembang  presented paper on Yumeiho the super therapy and  gave the demonstration also.

Delegates were from Saudi  Arabia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia and Australia.

The AHML President Dr.Seth, Dr. Nik Fairuz, Chairman & Dr. Mohd. Nasir Zain of Malaysia informed about the next International Conference would be held in Australia.


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