AIDS (Acquired Immuno - Deficiency Syndrome) / HIV

AIDS which means Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome was first discovered or appeared in 1981, was considered to be the disease of Homosexual/Bisexual men and Intra venous Drug abusers. Only later did it become evident that AIDS could also strike women and children.

1st Dec is observed as International AIDS Day by WHO.

AKGsOVIHAMS endorses and supports the theme ” Right to Health”

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AIDS which is caused by the Retrovirus HIV is the latest challenge to the medical profession, and like all other systems of medicine Homoeopathy is also trying hard to have a breakthrough for its treatment and cure. AIDS, like common cold is a viral infection caused by the tiny microscopic viruses labeled as “HIV” (Human Immuno Virus). Unfortunately the AIDS virus has managed to outsmart human beings in the struggle for survival. AIDS is characterized by a defect of the natural Immune system in the body fighting against diseases. Persons afflicted by the disease are vulnerable to serious illnesses which would not be a threat to anyone whose immune system was functioning normally .These illnesses are referred to as "Opportunistic Infections" or diseases. AIDS is spread by Sexual contact with the infected person(s), Needle sharing (as in intra venous drug addicts), less commonly through the Transfusion of Blood or its components .The risk of infection with the virus is increased by having multiple sexual partners (homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual) and sharing the needles by those abusing drugs. It may be transmitted from infected mothers to infants before, during or shortly after birth as prenatal transmission.
Most individuals infected with HIV have no symptoms and feel well. The incubation period seem to range from 6 months to 7 years and possibly longer, while the interval between the exposure to the HIV and the blood test i.e. ( Elisa Test) positive for HIV antibodies is from 6 weeks to 6 months. Not everyone exposed to the virus develop AIDS .The symptoms occur as per the stages. STAGE - I: This occurs 2 - 3 weeks after exposure to virus; the symptoms are a Low Grade Fever, Fatigue and a mild Rash on the Face. These signs may go unnoticed by both the patient and the doctor. STAGE - II: This stage starts between 6 weeks and 6 months after the infection and may last for a period ranging between 8 months and 5 - 7 years. There are no visible signs except the low Grade Fever and some Thrush on the Tongue accompanied by Weight Loss and constant Diarrhea. This is the stage with a maximum chance of passing on the infection. STAGE - III: During this stage an Enlargement of the Lymph Nodes all over the body is noticed including the Neck, Armpits and Groin. STAGE - IV: This stage has 4 sections.
  1. Constitutional disease; Symptoms like Fever, Cough, Night Sweats, Diarrhea and Weight Loss are noticed.
  2. Neurological disease: Involvement of the brain giving rise to Headaches, Meningitis and a general stage of Confusion.
  3. Secondary Infections : These are untreatable infections often caused by organisms which are otherwise harmless to the human body e.g. uncontrolled Diarrhea, generalized Tuberculosis, continuous Fever, Herpes Zoster which is characterized by painful Blisters along the nerve tracts and also Meningitis.
  4. Secondary Cancer: This stage is often called Fully Blown up cases of AIDS as Kaposi’s Sarcoma where the signs are : Loss of more than 10% of Bodyweight, Continuous Fever for a month, Herpes Simplex, Herpes Zoster, Swollen Lymph Glands, Persistent Cough signs of Peripheral Nerve Damage.

Though AIDS may not treatable or curable as on date but, "AIDS Is Very Much Preventable "
The measures to prevent the spread of HIV infections :-
(i) One can avoid the infection through sexual contact if one abstains from sex or has mutually monogamous marriage or relationship with an uninfected partner.
(ii) Avoid sexual relations with the people known or suspected of having AIDS or with the persons who are positive for HIV antibodies and the persons having high risk behavior (like female prostitutes, hijras, and drug addicts). However if one can not avoid this, then one should follow the advice of "Safer Sex" guidelines. Use Condoms, which can reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus up to 85%.
(iii) One should avoid practices which injure body tissues as in the cases of Homosexuals and in anal intercourse.
(iv)One should avoid Oral sex or oral genital sexual contact.
(v) Avoid - open mouthed intimate (French) kissing.
(vi)Do not abuse drugs especially Intra venous for that matter oral or smoke also. If must one use, then, never share the needles.
(vii) Avoid sharing toothbrushes, razors, or other personal hygiene things contaminated with blood of AIDS patients or persons with high risk behavior.
Dietary Regimen for the Infected Patients

  • Minor changes in one’s eating habits can lead to major changes in one’s health.
  • Patients having AIDS should eat plenty of Whole Grains, Fruits & vegetables, Nuts & oily Fish, Meat, liver & eggs, Pasteurized dairy products.
  • They should cut down on Tea, Coffee & Colas, and Alcohol.
  • Should also avoid Undercooked and unwashed foods, Raw or lightly cooked eggs, Unpasturised dairy products.
  • Many people who are HIV positive or have AIDS turn to a regime of MACEOBIOTIC foods. However, such diets may do more harm than good as they tend to be bulky and promote weight loss because they contain too few calories.

So far there is no definite treatment or cure for AIDS, no vaccine has been found out. Still in Homoeopathy as per the CCRH (Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy) patients with HIV positive has been believed to become Sero Negative after the persistent homoeopathic treatment. As such in homoeopathy treatment is given after the thorough case taking which includes Mental, Emotional, and Social and Physical aspects of the patient's life. On the basis of such detailed history the constitutional remedy is found out in each case which may be separate though physically they might give the same set of symptoms. And interestingly homoeopathic remedies are able to bring about a change in the mental outlook of the patient.

  • Complete Haemogram
  • HIV I & II
  • VDRL
  • Culture – Blood, Urine. Sputum. Seminal & Vaginal discharges
  • Biopsies

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