Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is a condition in which a child or an adult consistently displays certain characteristic behaviors over a period of time.

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No single cause has been identified for ADHD. Aggressive research in this field indicates that ADHD is more due to improper functioning of brain where there is lower level of activity in some parts of the brain that may cause inattention. Moreover, attention disorders tend to run in families, indicating influence of genetics at the root of this disorder.

  • have trouble listening and paying attention
  • need lots of reminders to do things
  • get distracted easily
  • seem absent-minded
  • can be disorganized and lose things
  • cannot sit still, wait their turn, or be patient
  • rush through homework or other tasks or make careless mistakes
  • interrupts a lot, and talk or call out answers in class
  • do things they shouldnot, even though they know better
  • feel restless, fidgety, frustrated, and bored
  • Medicine can boost the brain's ability to pay attention, slow down, and be more patient.
  • Therapists can help people learn attention skills, cope with feelings, and gain self-control. They can help people with ADHD see the best in themselves and figure out how to use their strengths.
  • Parents can help teens do things like listen better or be more organized. Parents can also give encouragement, love, and support.
  • Teachers can also do these things to help teens with ADHD do well in class by:- Breaking schoolwork into parts, Helping students organize their things, Making sure students sit where they are less likely to be distracted, like away from a window or door, Giving students quick breaks to get up and move during class.
  • Other things that people with ADHD can do to help themselves too, like:- Eating healthy food, Getting enough sleep, Being active every day, Practicing mindful exercises and breathing exercises.

Along with the help of Psychotherapists and Behavioral correction, an ADHD Child can be helped immensely with Homoeopathic medicines. There are some extremely wonderful Homoeopathic medicines which have shown tremedous results in the cases of ADHD.


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