GB Syndrome (Guillain-Barre syndrome)

Guillain-Barré syndrome is an acute illness which is caused by inflammation of peripheral nerves leading to loss of sensation, muscle weakness and, in more serious cases, complete paralysis and breathing difficulty. In almost 80% of children these symptoms follow a recent illness (usually viral). This infection is thought to trigger a faulty response in the immune system.

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In Guillain-Barré syndrome the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. Usually Guillain-Barré occurs a few days or weeks after the patient has had symptoms of a respiratory or gastrointestinal viral infection. The body's immune system begins to attack the body itself, causing what is known as an autoimmune disease.

The disease varies in speed of onset with children reaching their maximal disability over a matter of days or, much more gradually over a period of up to four weeks. Initial symptoms consist of tingling, numbness, unsteadiness and progressive weakness usually affecting the feet and then the hands and gradually progressing up the limbs. At the height of their illness about a quarter of children remain able to walk but the other three quarters loose their mobility and about 16% need to be artificially ventilated on an intensive care unit.The condition can occur at any age but there appear to be peak ages of onset in childhood at four years and twelve years.

Recovery usually begins in two to three weeks and may be accompanied by pain and tingling in the limbs. Most children are able to walk unaided by six weeks and most are free from symptoms by about three months. Minorities of patients have some residual problems but these children are usually still able to walk unaided. In general children make a much better recovery than adults.

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GB Syndrome patuient treated and cured with Homoeopath


GB Syndrome Cured with Homoeopathy

I was diagnosed with Guillian Barre Syndrome on July 15, 2018. Dr.A.K.Gupta of AKGsOVIHAMS treated me with Homoeopathic medicines. After nealy one Year , most of my body has recovered and regained strength. Waiting for my fingers and lower leg to get back to normal. Thanks to Dr.A.K.Gupta and Homoeopathy.

Shivram Paudel



GB Syndrome (Guillain-Barre syndrome)

I was called to see a 15 yrs old male patient, Mr Varun  Kapoor on 1st september 04 as the patient was completely bedridden  and was not in a position to come to my clinic. He was unable to move his lower limbs since 1 month. On taking history, I was told that on 31st july 04,he had a fall in morning with sudden weakness in legs. After that he is completely unable to move his legs. There is sensation as if legs are joined and fixed. There is tingling in legs with sudden jerks and twitching of feet. There is heaviness in left leg. He also experiences severe headache off and on which is aggravated by pressure. He has pain in nape of neck, upper dorsal region and left shoulder and feeling of pressure on chest. Since the onset of problem, patient is having sweating on Right side of body only. He has ineffectual desire for urination and also urinary incontinence more at night. Patient also complains of anxiety and restlessness.
There is positive H/O anuria with U.T.I. prior to this problem.
F/H-Grand father was Diabetic. Grand mother had some joint problem.

PHYSICAL GENERALS-Desire for Salty food (++), Thermal Reaction-Hot,
Apetite, Thirst, Stool-Normal.
MENTALS -  Patient is social, obedient and intelligent. He has childish behaviour, easily gets excited and loses his temper.
Patient was fully conscious with normal pulse, B.P. and temperature. There was complete loss of power in both lower limbs and normal power in both upper limbs.
INVESTIGATIONS (Done on 31st july)
Heamatology  Reports-WNL
Urine culture showed moderate growth of E coli.
Motor nerve conduction studies –Electrophysiology is suggestive of acute axonal polyradiculoneuropathy consistent with G.B.Syndrome.
MRI dorsal spine-Normal


Patient was taking Tab Vexx 20 O.D., Tab Uroton 25 mg B.D., Tab Methycopal 500 micro g O.D.
Even after hospital stay and 1 month of regular medication, the condition of the patient had not improved much.
Considering the symptoms of paralysis and urinary incontinence as chief presenting complaints, CAUSTICUM 1M,4 doses were prescribed to be taken on alternate days on 1st September and patient started improving thereafter.
On 5th October Patient complained of jerking (+++) of feet. He also gets fatigued easily. Urinary incontinence was better. So RHUS TOX 1M, 4 doses on alternate days and ZINCUM MET 30 t.d.s. were prescribed.
Patient responded very well and on 3rd nov.he was able to come to my clinic for the first time. He was much better and was able to take few steps without walker even.
C/o jerking of feet: better, more in left leg. Now he was also able to control the urge for urine. Bed Wetting: frequency reduced to almost once in a week. Pain in legs: absent.  C/O Headache after exertion. He has now started sweating on left side of body also. No more pain in nape of neck. No more tingling. Muscle tone building up. Same prescription was repeated for quite some time as patients condition was improving.
In between medicine like EQUISETUM H and GELSEMIUM were also given for associated complaints.
Motor nerve conduction studies repeated on 12th November showed- FUC of GBS showing Good Reinnervation on right side and early Reinnervation changes in left quadriceps and no reinnervation in left tibialis anterior.
Now after 7 months of regular treatment, patient is absolutely fine .It is such a pleasure to see Mr. Varun walking on his own to my clinic without any help. His parents are so elated with joy as prior to this treatment they were very apprehensive whether their son would ever be able to go to school or not. Not only did he go to school but also appeared in his 10th Board exams and did well.


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