Ganglion is a small sac filled with fluid and is usually attached to the lining of joint or tendon. Ganglion forms when tissues surrounding certain joints become inflamed and swell up with lubricating fluid. They are most common in women nearly 3 times and 70% occur in the late teens and young adulthood. Most commonly, ganglions are seen on the wrist (usually the back side) and fingers, but they can also develop on the shoulder, elbow, and knee.They can increase in size or can disappear spontaneously. These masses or cysts, however, are not tumors or non-cancerous. Ganglions are usually painless. However, the condition can become painful when the ganglion presses nerves. This pain can restrict the range of movements and activity of an individual.

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The cause of ganglions is not always clear. Some joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis have been associated with ganglion cysts. Occupational factors play an important role in the development of ganglion. Those occupations that require workers to overuse certain joints such as the wrist and fingers, for instance Typewriters, Computers pose the risk for ganglion cysts.

It may pain on pressure.
They are hard and round and may restrict the movement of the area involved.

Hot fomentation has been found helpful in many cases.
Hard pressure should be avoided.

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  • Routine Blood
  • FNAC

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