A very common condition which one comes across now days due to the present life style. A depressive disorder is an illness that involves the mood and thoughts and in simple words can be expressed as persistent blue mood. Depression is not a character flaw or a sign of personal weakness and the suffering person cant make himself well by trying to snap out of it. Depression affects the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things. Women are twice more often affected with depression than men.

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Though the precise cause and nature of depression is not clearly understood, it is believed to be an illness involving an imbalance of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. The reasons that can induce such chemical imbalance are as follows:
  1. Some types of depression run in families, suggesting that the condition can be inherited from parents and grandparents as a genetic predisposition.
  2. When this genetic predisposition is topped with stresses at home, work, or school, it can evolve in depression. Stress can be in the form of a serious loss, difficult relationship, financial problem, or any stressful change in life patterns, etc.
  3. People who have low self-esteem, who consistently view themselves and the world with pessimism or who are readily overwhelmed by stress, are prone to depression.
  4. Medical illnesses such as stroke, a heart attack, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and hormonal disorders can cause depressive illness.
  • Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood and unexplained crying spells
  • Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, guilt feeling, worthlessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex, social gatherings
  • Loss of energy, persistent lethargy
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions
  • Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping
  • Appetite and/or weight loss or overeating and weight gain
  • Thoughts of death or suicide; suicide attempts
  • Restlessness, irritability, anger, agitation
  • Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pains

Counselling with congenial surroundings play a major role in managing a case of Depression.

Homeopathy has very effective therapeutic measures that positively influence our psyche and can take care of various symptoms of depression. Homeopathy can positively influence personality traits that are working at the base of disease. The important aspect is that depression is a disease in which genetic make-up is topped with environmental stress result in disease. Homeopathy medicines are very deep acting and having potential to counter genetic tendencies. Homeopathy medicines address the root cause of the disease and hence prevent the relapse and recurrence of the condition. Last but not the least homeopathy medicines are absolutely free from any side-effects as opposed to most of conventional medicines like anti-depressants and anxiolytics. The results obtained from homeopathy can be augmented with supportive measures like counseling and psychotherapy of the patient and more congenial atmosphere around.

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Anxiety Neurosis and Depression cured with Homoeopathy

This is a case of a 15yrs old girl Ms. M.M who was suffering from severe Anxiety Neurosis and Depression when she was brought to Dr. Sanket Gupta at our Moti Bagh branch. She was accompanied by her mother. The mother started narrating the problem to Dr. Sanket. She told that the girl had developed a severe phobia of going to her school. It is a very famous school in south Delhi. She was overweight and complained of terrible body aches with nausea, vomiting and bursting headaches. She would cry day in and day out and had no friends. Just the idea of going to the school would bring upon severe anxiety to the young female. There was difficulty in sleeping at night and severe pains ere making her life miserable. She even had started thinking of committing suicide. The mother was extremely worried and horrified while narrating the case. During the entire session the girl kept quiet and was continuously crying.
Dr.Sanket listened very carefully and later started interrogating the young girl. During the interrogation it was learnt that the girl had gone through a lot of mockery because of her weight and even the teachers used to pull her leg. She had gradually developed hatred towards the school and wanted her parents to change her school in the middle of 10thstandard. Dr. Sanket realized the sensitivity of the young girl and after about a two-and-a-half hours session gave her the needful Homoeopathic medicine. Pleasantly on the next visit after a week, the girl was relatively relaxed and the pains had also reduced considerably. She had slept well the whole week also. But still the urge of not going to the school was still there. Then after speaking to the mother, Dr. Sanket decided to give counselling sessions to the girl as her confidence was badly down. Along with the Homoeopathic medicines, the pep talks and motivational verses, she was finally ready to go to the school on the 13thday of starting the treatment. Dr. Gupta gave her the medicines which would help her in managing any anxious moments. The whole day passed and in the evening when she came to the clinic she informed that she was able to pass the whole day without any severe trouble though she wasn’t still happy in that school. This was a big step in the direction of cure.
Gradually, with counselling sessions and Homoeopathic medicines she became much better day by day. She started making new and trustworthy friends and she started taking interest in her studies as well. All in all with her courage and determination and with the help of Homoeopathy she not only gave her Board exams, but she topped in her class and in her own words she fondly admitted to Dr. Sanket, “My world has changed...!”
The entire family is grateful to Homoeopathy and AKGsOVIHAMS for bringing out the transformation in their daughter. She is a much more confident and vivacious girl now. There is neither any depression nor any anxiety!

New Delhi


Anxiety Neurosis , Depression, IBS

My name is Gaurav and I hail from Amritsar, Punjab. I just wanted to say thanks to Dr A.K.Gupta  Founder Director of AKGsOVIHAMS Homoeopathic Clinics for providing me an excellent treatment for my psychological and my physical ailments. Earlier I had strong anxiety with depression. And I started taking treatment from Dr A.K.Gupta in month of April. Not only he took my whole case thoroughly but he also helped me like a good psychologist. Many of my fears and doubts disappeared during my first visit.

I started taking treatment religiously and within a span of two months I started feeling better and more positive. My anxiety has reduced and mentally I am now feeling more active and calm. Earlier I was not able to live my life properly as I was so depressed and melancholic but now I live positively and to my surprise I don’t take things too seriously. In other words, I have accepted the life the way it is.

Thanks to the guidance and psychological support he gave. I am sure that in next few months I will be a different person and will bounce back. Thanks again to Dr A.K.Gupta.


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