Bursitis is a painful condition that affects the joints. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that act as a cushion between bones, tendons, joints, and muscles. When these sacs become inflamed it is called bursitis.

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  • Trauma
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Infection
  • Iatrogenic (medicine-related) factors
  • Bursitis is commonly caused by repetitive movement and excessive pressure
  • Symptoms vary from localized warmth and erythema
  • Stinging pain to joints
  • Stiffness
  • The pain usually is worse during and after activity
  • Bursae that are not infected can be treated symptomatically with rest, ice, elevation
  • physiotherapy is helpful as well
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medication is usually prescribed mode of treatment in the Modern Medicine.
  • antibiotic therapy is also given
  • surgery may be required in certain severe cases
Homoeopathy has a wonderful role to play in the treatment of Bursitis. There are some wonderful medicines that are effective in treating the infective bursa.
  • X-ray of the affected joint
  • FNAC
  • CT Scan of the affected joint


Homoeopathy cures RECURRENT BURSITIS

(Labour Commissioner)
JA/23-F, LIG Flats
Mayapuri , New Delhi - 110064
Res.Phone: 25496058
Date : 20th July , 2003
Dear Dr. A. K. Gupta , OVIHAMS ,
I am writing this to thank you for the medicine I am getting to treat spurs, pain & swelling beneath my feet . I feel better and hope to avoid injections into the bones. My hope rests on your earlier treatment of drying up bursa in the left elbow. It all started from a small hardening of elbow end which swelled later. After a number of tests found okay Excision Operation was done in a leading private Ganga Ram hospital obvious expenses but the cure was far away. The collection of bursa fluid surfaced every week which was syringed out 5 or 6 times & the surgeon had no clues. It just occurred to me to stop at your clinic amidst fear & anxiety. It was amazing to see the bursa fluid vanishing on the fourth day to completely cure in 15 days’ homoeopathic medicine.
The point is that the medical fraternity in all systems and dimensions should adopt cohesion and integrated health care administration through common window. Like in any Government there is functional distribution between the ministries & departments & the same being true of the management of a corporate house, by honest group discussion between Allopathic, Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic & other systems of medicine should culminate into the consensus of the exclusive or mixed treatment under various systems. Who can deny the power of Yoga? And why not to assimilate into any or all the systems or for that matter surgery? But the medicine should have near certain cure & the least side effects. All advocates claiming to handle civil, criminal, labour, taxation cases with the same expertise should be as untrue as all medical systems claiming similarly. The suggestion is: like solicitor firms having say 10 or 20 advocate experts in different branches of law, the hospitals & medical groups should clearly earmark the domain of the medical system under an integrated think tank decision making process for the good of patients & the medical professionals/enthusiasts.
Thanking You.
Yours truly

New Delhi

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