Bed Wetting / Enuresis

Bed Wetting is a very commonly seen problem inthe clinic for which parents seek treatment and get concerned out ofproportion. Children vary in the age at which they gain nocturnal continence ofurine. About 10-15%of normal children at the age of 5 years still wet the bedat night. Boys slightly predominate over girls (as girls generally attainnocturnal bladder control early than boys), and there is increased incidence insome families.

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The factors leading to gaining in the bladder control arecomplex and involve maturation of the necessary neurological pathways as wellas emotional factors.
- Though there can be physical or organic causes also for the bed wetting suchas

  • Urinary Tract Infection,
  • Constipation,
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • or the Laxed Urethral Sphincter
  • or it can be the effect of extreme cold or damp climate
    The occurrence of enuresis in day-time is particularlysignificant and may be related to Urinary Tract Infection or Diabetes Mellitus.  

- Otherwisemore often it is again psychological inorigin, may be associated with emotional anxieties. On detailed history it isnormally revealed that either of the parents also had similar problem in theiryoung days. A homoeopath can definitely point it out that the child is verylikely to be fearful in nature. The child may have the fear of darkness, ofbeing alone and of being harmed.

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For the management of the cases of nocturnal enuresis,some significant actions are to be followed: 

  1. It is important to carefully explain to theanxious parents the nature and course of nocturnal enuresis and that allchildren in the course of time will become continent of urine. This isimportant to explain to the child as well, as he may feel that he never will bedry at night. As it further aggravates the problem and the child startdeveloping some kind of frustration and guilty also.
  2. Asking the child to empty the bladder beforegoing to bed and waking the child again and asking him/her to urinate beforethe parents go to bed often helps. Avoiding excessive fluid intake beforebedtime also helps but it should be remembered that the children require arelatively higher fluid intake than adults and so fluids before bedtime can berestricted reasonably only. Children should be asked to refrain from readingvery exciting, thrilling comics and story books also should restrict them fromwatching very exciting movies etc. on T.V and Videos. Eating very heavy food orover eating in dinner should also be avoided.
  3. Child can be asked to put a mark of right ona diary or calendar on the day he does not pass urine in the bed and put a markof wrong the day he wets his bed at night and ask him to show after a week,this keeps a psychological awareness and pressure at the subconscious level andhe passes more dry nights. Parents can be asked to praise or give some kind ofincentives to the child during the days he does not pass urine in the bed andcan be given a very light kind of punishment such as asking him to wash hisdirty clothes by himself/herself  which makes him/her  realize aboutit, also found effective measure. We have found this method very helpful, wherewe have seen young adult girls and boys also having the problem of nocturnalenuresis, there it has to be tackled more tactfully by making them take outtheir fears and inhibitions or by making them feel the sense of shame or so butwithout affecting their normal life pattern. For the younger children enuresisalarm beds are probably a safe and effective method.
  4. Children who have some other physical ororganic cause e.g. worms and infection etc. should be treated for that also.
  5. In certaincases, I have seen that the children draw pleasure whenever the mother getsirritated by this act of bedwetting of the child, here it is very important tounderstand the cause and explain the irritating mother about the wholepsychological development as it has been seen that the children were deprivedof the mother's affection and care earlier and later the child develops thesadistic pleasure by seeing their mother in such situation. In this case theunderstanding and the bondage between the mother and child has to beestablished.

Homeopathicallythese children can be helped to a greater extent. We have seen wonderfulresults in certain obstinate cases of nocturnal enuresis where the patient was beingtreated even by sedatives and tricyclic drugs etc. without much benefit under othersystem of medicine, but the got rid off this problem permanently withHomoeopathy.

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