Behcets Disease

Rare immune-mediated small vessel systemic vasculitis that often presents with mucous membrane ulceration and ocular problems Named in 1937 after the Turkish dermatologist Hulusi Behçet, who first described the triple-symptom complex of recurrent oral aphthous ulcers, genital ulcers, and uveitis. Considered more prevalent in the areas surrounding the old silk trading routes in the Middle East and in Central Asia. Thus, it is sometimes known as Silk Road Disease This syndrome can be fatal due to ruptured vascular aneurysms or severe neurological complications.


In diseases like the Behcet’s Disease, where there is multi-organ involvement and life is at risk, Homoeopathy can prove to be a source of hope and relief for sure. As Homoeopathy is an individual based science, so the kind of symptoms the patients present with, if a correct similar remedy is prescribed, then even the most dreadful diseases like the Behcet’s disease can be taken care of very well.  

At AKGsOVIHAMS itself there has been a brilliant success story of this disease. Both Acute and chronic stages of this disease can be tackled well with Homoeopathy and the patient can lead a peaceful life.

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The cause is not well-defined, but it is primarily characterized by auto-inflammation of the blood vessels.
The disease affects various systems and areas of the body:-
  • Skin and mucosa- Nearly all patients present with painful oral muco-cutaneous ulcerations in the form of aphthousulcers or non-scarring oral lesions and are usually relapsing in nature. Painful genital ulcerations usually develop around the anus, vulva, or scrotum and cause scarring in 75% of the patients. Additionally, patients may present with erythema nodosum, cutaneous pustularvasculitis.
  • Ocular system- Inflammatory eye disease can develop early in the disease course and lead to permanent vision loss in 20% of cases. Ocular involvement can be in the form of posterior uveitis, anterior uveitis, or retinal vasculitis.
  • Bowels- abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhoea with or without blood; abdominal tenderness, bloating, and generic abdominal discomfort.
  • Lungs-  hemoptysis, pleuritis, cough, or fever, and in severe cases can be life-threatening if the outlet pulmonary artery develops an aneurysm which ruptures causing severe vascular collapse and death from bleeding in the lungs.Nodules, consolidations, cavities and ground glass lesions are common.
  • Musculo-skeletal system- non-erosive poly or oligoarthritisprimarily of the large joints of the lower extremities.
  • Neurological System - occurs as a chronic meningo-encephalitis. Lesions tend to occur in the brainstem, the basal ganglia and deep hemispheric white matter.
  • Cardiac-  Pericarditis, Chronic aortic regurgitation due to aortic root disease
A patient with Behcet's disease has to be very careful with what he should eat and what he should not eat. Hot foods and liquids must be avoided. Spicy food and drinks are never to be taken. Also, the patient must avoid falling sick as his immunity is already compromised. He must therefore be extra cautious in changing weather. On any slightest of a symptom anywhere in the body, patient must consult his Doctor.

There is need to maintain good health overall. Patient might have been on Steroids before coming for Homoeopathy are advised to taper off the use of steroids rather than stopping altogather suddenly.

According to the International Study Group guidelines, for a patient to be diagnosed with Behçet'sdisease, the patient must have oral (aphthous) ulcers (any shape, size, or number at least 3 times in any 12 months period) along with 2 out of the following 4 "hallmark" symptoms:
  • Genital ulcers (including anal ulcers and spots in the genital region and swollen testicles or epididymitis in men)
  • Skin lesions (papulo-pustules, folliculitis, erythema nodosum, acne in post-adolescents not on corticosteroids)
  • Eye inflammation (iritis, uveitis, retinal vasculitis, cells in the vitreous)
  • Pathergyreaction (papule >2 mm dia. 24-48 hrsor more after needle-prick).

Bechet s disease


The Bechet's medications you have provided to me are very effective. They greatly diminishes the inflammation and discomfort. I am writing you to order more Bechet's medications. I feel your treatment for Bechet's is very helpful and request you refill the Bechet's Syndrome medications.

As I previously described to you, my Bechet's symptoms are cyclical, over a number of weeks. When the symptoms start, the inflammation gets worse over time and becomes very painful.  Then it slowly subsides, on its own, and is finally clear for a while.  But then shortly it starts all over again.

Taking your medication has done the following:
1) The severity (and pain) of the inflammation has been substantially reduced to where it is more of a milder irritation, rather than disabling.
2) The term of the cycles has been shortened.  Rather than taking weeks, it is now a number of days, which greatly reduces the period of discomfort.
3) In addition to the above benefits, I feel it has also cured the symptoms, to some degree.  That is, if I stopped taking the medication for a while, the original harsh inflammation reaction does not reoccur and instead the milder form of cyclical inflammation persist.  My body appears to have actually overcome the reaction and healed somewhat.

In an effort to continue to heal, I now take your medications when the inflammation starts to occur and stop it when the inflammation subsides, since it is not necessary and also give my body a chance to try and control the reaction on its own.  This process is been very effective for me.  Hopefully the reaction will just "fade away" over time.

Attached is the picture you requested and a copy of the one I previously sent to you.

Thank you for all your help.  Hope things are fine with you.

California, USA

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