Brain Stroke

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A cerebral infarction occurs as a result of a blocked artery. The arteries become blocked over the years and this produces slow blood flow to the brain.Cerebral hemorrhages usually occur as a result of weak arteries or aneurisms in the brain that rupture. High blood pressure is the cause of weak arteries in most cases.There are two main types of Brain Stroke:-
  1. Cerebral Infarction - A cerebral infarction occurs when an artery is blocked, halting the flow of blood to the brain.
  2. A Cerebral Hemorrhage - occurs when there is bleeding into the brain. As blood flows into the brain, the build up of pressure results in agonizing headache, sometimes followed by loss of consciousness.
  • One may have abrupt loss of Vision, Energy, Coordination, Sensation, and Speech.
  • Weaknesses or Paralysis down one side of the body, Loss of Balance.
  • Sudden and Severe Headache followed rapidly by Loss of Consciousness.

It is vital that you commence regular aerobic exercise - swimming, walking or anything safe and gentle that you feel comfortable with. People at high risk for stroke should not smoke and should eat a low-fat diet and not take contraceptive pills.
To prevent strokes, your diet should be rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, and the essential fatty acids contained in fish oils. Some studies suggest that selenium may also protect against stroke. Have fresh fruits and vegetables.Eat a low fat, salt and cholesterol diet, exercise regularly; keep to your ideal weight; monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels; and do not smoke.Avoid alcohol, caffeine and smoking. Patients with stroke need careful handling. cases may take long time to recover , first 48 to 72 hrs are very crucial which decides the fate of the patient. Awareness regarding the factors predisposing Stroke can minimize the occurrences and if at all it occurs, timely treatment can safe guard the fatal casualty.
Prevent High blood pressure, High cholesterol, a Sedentary Lifestyle, Obesity, the abuse of stimulant drugs such as amphetamines, smoking, use of birth-control pills, and stress. 

Patients of stroke should be hospitalized and given the appropriate medication. Alternative/Natural Treatments: Alternative treatments can be marvelous adjuncts to conventional treatments with stroke patients. Several techniques can help restore mobility, circulation, and ease other symptoms associated with stroke.

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Magical cure of Homoeopathy in case of Stroke in a young boy

New Delhi

Brain Stroke

Case of Brain Stroke Cured with Homoeopathy

Mrs. Dheer 65 yrs suffered Brain Stroke and was hospitalized . After the discharge from the hospital she was in a vegetative state where she had almost lost her Speech, developed Hemiplegia, Lost control of Urination and Stools. She was declared incurable by the hospital and neurologists and nothing can be done now for her was the only phrase the family members were to hear from everywhere. Then the family was advised to try homoeopathy and that's how they came to me. After taking her complete case history and analyzing the symptoms I gave the homoeopathic medicine Causticum. With in a weeks time she started showing signs of improvement in the form of started getting feeling and sensation about the Urination, she could make people understand that she was about to urinate. This was the turning point for the family towards hope and faith in homoeopathy. After the continuous treatment of more than 6 months she had improved tremendously when she developed full control over her urination, stools and started making sound of words though which was not fully understandable that time. With other medicines given time to time according to the symptoms and constitution she was fully cured and she visited my clinic on her own feet after a period of 18 Months of treatment with full recovery of all her symptoms and now she could speak also properly. She thanked Homoeopathy for saving her from the misery of vegetative life which she and the family members were compelled to accept as her fate before starting Homoeopathic treatment. Now the Dheer family is a staunch follower of homoeopathy and believe that Homoeopathy Ensures Health Safely and Surely.


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