ITP (Ideopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura)


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  • Autoimmune disorder. ITP occurs when immune system produces antibodies against platelets.
  • In children, disease sometimes follows viral infection.
  • In adults, more often a chronic disease and an occur after a viral infection, with use of certain drugs, during pregnancy. This may be triggered by infection with HIV, hepatitis or H. Pylori.
Low Platelet levels
  • Easy and excessive bleeding.¬† Bleeding results from low Platelet count.
  • Bleeding into the skin, often around the shins, causing a skin rash that looks like pinpoint red spot (Petechial rash)
  • Easy bruising.
  • Nosebleed or bleeding in mouth (bleeding from gums).
  • Blood in urine or stools.
  • Abnormally heavy periods in women.
Haemorrhagic spots, bluish spots on skin

More than 80% of children with acute ITP can be managed without therapy in an outpatient setup with weekly visits.
Indication for hospitalization:

  • Severe bleeding
  • Platelet count <20,000
  • May require Transfusion
With treatment, the chance of remission is good. In rare cases, ITP may become a long term condition in adults and reappear, even after symptom free period. Blood Transfusion Homoeopathically patients are treated very well. Even in the patients who were being transfused often, the frequency gets minimised or completely stopped after Homoeopathic treatemnt.
Blood CBC, Platelet Counts
  • Blood test (Complete blood count) to check platelet count.
  • Bone marrow aspiration or biopsy.

ITP patient got cured with Homoeopathy

Patient  suffering from ITP use to get regula patches on the Skin wand Platelet count use to fall down. Use to have bleeding also. Was treated at AIIMS with Steroids and Transfusions , After starting Homoeopathic treatment the frequency of all these decreased tremendously and after the continuous treatment for nearly 2years child got fuuly cured. To he came to clinic after almost 20 years to show his wife.


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