Hydrocele is a common trouble in males and can happen at any age.

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Testicular inflammation can result in Hydrocele due to:
  • Orchitis
  • Injury to the genitalia
  • Herniation
  • Lymphadenitis
  • Tubercular inflammation

Painful swelling in the scrotal region

  • wear loose clothing
  • avoid any sort of weight lifting
  • do not scratch

Homoepathy has a tremendous role to play in the treatment of Hydrocele. There is absolutely no need of surgery.

  • USG of the scrotum
  • USG of the whole abdomen
  • FNAC

A case of Acute Hydrocele cured with Homoeoparthy


I, Vinod Monga resident of Rajouri Garden (West Delhi) India, would like to share my experience with homoeopathy and Dr. A. K. Gupta. On the morning of 17thJune, 2018 (Sunday) I woke up with a very severe pain in my testicles which were swollen very heavily. I rang up Dr. A. K. Gupta and told him about my condition. He advised me to have two
different liquids – Belladonna and Rhododendron 10-15 drops every 2 hour alternatively. Being a Sunday, his clinic was closed so he asked me to get an ultrasound done and meet him in person the next day. On Monday I got the report and went to his clinic. He explained that I had Hydrocele and Epididymitis problem and gave me two small bottles of different liquids
and a bottle of some “Magical pills” to be taken every hour. As severe pain persisted, he advised me to apply hot water bottle or ice cold pack. After 2-3 days, I went back to the doctor again as the pain was still quite severe. Now he advised me that this requires surgical treatment to be resolved immediately. But I was adamant and
forcefully requested him to treat me in his clinic only with his “magical Homoeopathic pills and liquids”. My wife and other family members were also insisting me to consult a surgeon or an allopathic doctor. But seeing my trust and confidence in homoeopathic treatment, Dr. A. K. Gupta asked me to finish the medicine within 48 hours and visit his clinic regularly. In the meantime, he advised me to wear only pyjama without underwear and to take complete bedrest for 2-3 weeks, and have very light food without fries and excessive mirch masala

On the 8-9 th day, pain had relatively reduced and even the swelling had subsided. By the 20 th day, the doctor permitted to go to work with an advice to wear extra loose pants and not to tighten the waist belt or to wear suspenders as an alternative. Everything is now in control and as of today (18 th August, 2018), he has permitted me to wear my regular pants and waist belt also.

Now I am totally cured with the Grace of God and the constant advice of Dr. A. K. Gupta. I am enjoying my normal life all because of Homoeopathy which cures all kinds of problems. At last my sincere thanks and regards to Dr. A. K. Gupta and Bless him to cure more and more people of any problem. My faith in Homoeopathy has strengthened, so has my family’s!

New Delhi

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