Vocal Nodules

A Nodule/ Polyp is a protrusion caused by an abnormal multiplication of cells. It may be a look like a local raised area above the surface. When these polyps are seen over vocal cords they are called as vocal polyps.
Vocal cords are like two strings present in the voice box (larynx) and are absolutely essential for phonation.

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Vocal Nodules or Polyps develop from various reasons ranging from voice overuse (such as prolonged singing, shouting, or loud talking) or cigarette smoke, viral infection, or chronic inflammation and sinusitis. Moreover it is believed that polyps are allergic inflammatory reaction. Allergy is alteration of normal immunity that overreacts to otherwise harmless agents.

Vocal polyps may interfere with normal voice functioning and produce a hoarse, breathy, or weak voice.

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Homoeopathy approach towards vocal polyps is more totalistic and holistic, rather than considering polyps as a local problem. Moreover, allergy is a constitutional problem and calls for constitutional approach for its management. Homoeopathy is based on same constitutional approach for management of any disease.
Homoeopathy has very positive role in the management of vocal polyps, especially when they are small in size. In case of professionals for whom voice is the only thing that matters, risk of alteration of voice quality as a complication of surgery, can be very fatal. Interestingly, timely administered homoeopathy treatment can help avoid surgery.

Routine Blood, X-Ray, CT Scan, Laryngoscopy.

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