A very disturbing problem . It can occur in one or both ears can get ffected. with mild , moderate to severe intensity. It becomes difficult for the patient to explain the exact type of sounds one hears.Homoeopathic treament has shown good results. But hee difficulty comes when patient is not able to distinguis the sound. Homoeopathic medicines get cahnged with various types of sounds specifically
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No fixed perceptible cause can be ascertained. Though there can be various factors like Injury to Ears,Hypertension ; Cervical spondylitis, Menta stress etc.Neurological effect
Noises in the ears. Can be Whistling, Ringing of Bell, Engine sound, Chirping, cracking, humming sound etc.
It is very difficult to treat . It takes little longer time for the patient to apprecaite the difference and improvement
Usually one ignores initially. But when it becomes persitent then it disturbs the patient very much
X-Rays, Audiometery, Ear Examination, Scans

My nagging ear problem got Cured only with homoeopathy
I am Upendra Sharma till about a few weeks back I was not exactly the one who believed in homeopathy but something happened that changed my whole perception towards the stream of medicine I slept alright and got up with a pain in my right ear with some kind of liquid oozing out just as with every other illness I went to my family doctor Who asked me to go and see an ENT specialist after examining my ear he categorically told me that there is no problem with my ear I told him that there is some liquid coming out for which he said that all that needs to be done is that I need to take a medicine for the same I took the medicine and the oozing of the liquid stopped but as it happened there was a feeling of fullness in my ear and I felt that as if I was carrying some cotton in my ear I went back to the specialist and asked him about the same he said that it'll pass off in a day or two but the condition deteriorated and the fullness was not going off in fact I was hearing a continuous whistling sound also which was irritating and started taking its toll on my sleep as well I was not able to sleep in the night I was not able to sleep in the day I became restless and paranoid so I went to another specialist who told me that there was nothing wrong with the ear and I was just imagining things though he also prescribe me a couple of other audiometry tests which I undertook though the results came negative during this period I was not able to sleep and I was getting depressed with the situation I was in the opinion that doctors were not able to understand what the problem was n body was willing to understand what the problem was.
So finally my wife told me that we should go to her Homeopathic doctor, Dr. AK Gupta of AKGsOVIHAMS . We went to him and explain them the whole situation he told me there was nothing to worry about and gave me few Homoeopathic powdered doses which were to be taken with lukewarm water and as luck would have it after taking the second dose suddenly I heard a Pop in my ear and I felt as if something has travelled from the nose through the throat and that feeling cleared there and then I was so happy and delighted that what all the ENT specialists in the city were not able to understand and treat 4 doses from my doctor treated the same without any test this incident change my whole perception about Homoeopathic medicine from that day on I have at most faith in my doctor and other stream of medicine which is long forgotten by many people today but I request them to look into this before opting for any kind of allopathic treatment surgery is accepted as this is the only stream which has no Side Effects whatsoever I really want to thank Dr AK Gupta from the core of my heart for relieving me of such a problem which was taking its toll on my physical health and mental health as well thank you once again for being there take care best regards.


New Delhi

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