Spinal Injury

Any severe blunt trauma like a road accident can cause injury to the spinal cord.

Injury to the spine casn even lead to complete paralysis depending on the extent of injury

Causes Symptoms Manage Approaches Investigation Testimonials
  • Accident or trauma
  • Pain in the spinal region and may rdiate down the lower limbs
  • Patient may find it difficult to walk
  • Injury to the spine casn even lead to complete paralysis depending on the extent of injury
  • Hospitalization
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgical intervention if the situation is irreversible
  • Homoeopathic treatment in post-operative and reversible state of the condition of the patient
  • X-rays
  • MRI
  • CT scan

Miracle of Homoeopathy


It is very important that every patient should have faith in the type of medicine he is taking and more importantly one should have faith in the doctor who is treating him. Dr. A. K. Gupta has been associated with our family for last 20 years. 

I wish to share my own experience with Dr. A. K. Gupta who treated me and cured me successfully from my major injury sustained in a car accident that resulted in serious spine injury with a hairline fracture between vertebrae D7 and D8 causing a blood clot. Various doctors of Allopathy had told me that I will be bedridden for the rest of my life even if I was operated upon.

Luckily enough my parent met Dr. A. K. Gupta at his clinic in Rajouri Garden with all my reports. Within 3 months of taking continuous Homoeopathic medicines, I strated normal walk and joined my job. However, precautionary I continued his medicines for another 3 months. It has been 20years since then and till today I am living as normally and as happily as any other person of my age. I am greatly thankful to Dr. Gupta and his staff for putting me on road as I have been cured permanently. 

As a family we will continue to remain in touch with Dr. A. K. Gupta for the rest of our lives and advise everyone to try him atleast once in order to get well soon rather than consulting different doctors thereby losing precious time. We wish Dr. A. K. Gupta and his family for best of everything.


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