Renal Colic/Calculi

It is a spasmodic pain in abdomen due to stone in Kidneys, Ureter. The pain is usually caused by Stone which moves and irritates the urinary system and gives rise to pain which is classically described as ‘Renal Colic’ The pain is classically described as “Loin to Groin” pain. Usually it is abrupt in onset and begins in the renal flank area and course down around the abdomen and then radiates to the groin and genitalia. This pain may last for minutes to hours followed by periods of relief.

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Renal colic is an agonizing pain, which is probably caused by muscular spasm of the renal pelvis and ureter. Primary calculi normally form in acid urine without any bacterial infection, whereas Secondary Calculi are deposited in alkaline urine infected with organisms. As such there is no single absolute theory known to mankind that leads to stone formation. The one that can be commonly explained is that of Super saturation / Crystallization theory. Urine – a supersaturated solution has tendency to form crystals of some of the solids dissolved in it. These solids are particularly the salts of Calcium, Oxalates, Phosphates, urates and Uric Acid. When concentration of these substances exceeds their solubility, crystals are deposited. If these are not washed out with urine and are allowed to clamp together they form gravel. This forms the nucleus of stone and allows precipitation of further crystal, ultimately leading to stone formation. 

  • Nausea and Vomiting may accompany the pain.
  • Burning while voiding and frequent urge to void may occur as stone moves near the bladder.
  • Foul smelling or cloudy urine
  • Fever with Chills and Weakness may indicate associated infection which could result in more serious illness.
  • Renal pain is usually a dull ache situated mainly in the costo-vertebral angle, but also the upper and outer quadrant of the abdomen.
  • Ureteric Colic is nearly always characteristic in which the pain passes from the loin to groin and in the males frequently this radiation is prolonged to the testes, which becomes retracted. During or soon after an attack of ureteric colic the pulse and temperature are normal.
  • If the calculus remains in kidney substance there may be no symptoms, or the patient complains of aching in the loin, and albumin and blood are found in the urine.
  • If the stone obstructs the outflow of urine there is severe pain owing to stretching of the renal capsule. It normally occurs with a stone in ureter and the pain is due to distension rather than the passage of stone along the ureter.
  • There is frequent desire to micturate, and the urine is scanty and may contain blood.
  • The attack lasts usually from a few minutes to 2 hours, but it may be considerably longer. After an attack there is aching and tenderness in the loin. 
  • Patient must drink plenty of water, at least 4 liters in a day.
  • A daily output of urine at least 3 ltrs. is advisable,
  • He/She must not hold his urine and try to relieve himself as soon as possible.
  • Avoid high oxalate and urate containing food items.
  • Elimination of Spinach and Rhubarb (plant with fleshy leaf stalks cooked as substitute for fruit) from the diet, is desirable, articles which contain very high content of oxalate, may be restricted in patients with recurrent oxalate stones.
  • For uric acid stone restriction for liver, kidney, sweetbreads, fish Roe, sardines and sprats (small sea fish) is advisable as they have very high purine content. 

Stones can be removed by surgical procedures or the latest ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) and PCNL (Percutaneous Ultrasonic Nephro Lithotripsy), URS (Uretro Reno Scopy) and of course with Lasers.

Though with Homoeopathic appropriate constitutional remedies like – Calc Carb, Lycopodium, Nux Vom., Phosphorus, Sulphur etc. can check the recurrence of the stone and prevent the damage to the urinary tract system. I have seen few families in which the history of stones is so strong that almost all the family members have the stone at some stage or the other, even the young children have suffered from this problem. Interestingly I‘ve seen a patient who has been passing small tiny stones almost every alternate months for the last so many years. After the homoeopathic treatment in which I gave his constitutional remedy the frequency of stone formation has reduced considerably. Homoeopathically remedies are prescribed on the totality of symptoms and on the individual characteristic symptoms.Commonly used remedies are- BerberisVulg, Hydrangea, Terebinth, Colocynth, Mag Phos, Nux vom, Lycopodium, Apis Melifica, Parera Breva, Oscimum Can etc.

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  • Urine Analysis
  • I.V.P 

Renal Colic/Calculi


RENAL CALCULI Calculi with Homoeopathy

Gulab Arora,
B/22,2nd Floor, Tilak Nagar
Ph. No.-20054643 

I had been suffering from kidney stone since 3 years and I underwent lots of treatment regarding it. I was admitted a number of times in the hospital to get painkiller injections and all sort of things. I came to know about OVIHAMS and I met Dr. Gupta. After discussing I started treatment from him. At that time I had 3 stones in my both kidneys, one in left and two in right kidney. Right kidney stone was causing so much pain that I was admitted 3-4 times in hospital within 15 days. Right side kidney stone was the problem of mine at that particular time which is solved within 1 week and it was a nice experience to have homoeopathy at such a crucial time which really saved my life. One experience which I can recall at this time was that even when o came here and was discussing my stone problem with Dr. Gupta I had pain in my right kidney. But on taking the very 1st dose my pain got subsided. This experience made my firm believe in this treatment. One thing which I want to add more was my problem of passing stools 3-4 times a day. Since I was not very much concerned about this problem it got solved without taking any special treatment. I discussed with Dr.Gupta that how it happened then only I came to know more about homoeopathy, how it cures and what it cures.
Thanks to Doctor A. K. Gupta and thanks to Homeopathy!


New Delhi

Renal Colic/Calculi


Say No to surgery for kidney stones

My name is Mr. Jaswinder and I am a 31yrs old Army officer.
Just a week back ON 18th April 2013, I had a severe crampy pain in my left side of abdomen and the left groin. It was so severe that I immediately called up my doctor. Dr. Sanket Gupta asked me to see him immediately at his AKGsOVIHAMS Clinics in Satya Niketan Moti Bagh. He examined me and said that he suspected a stone in my kidney. I got an Ultrasound done. It said that I had 2 stones in the middle pole of my left kidney and a big stone measuring 7.8mm in my left ureter. Dr.Gupta gave me some of his Homoeopathic medicines and a liquid and asked me to take the medicine every 2 hourly. I wondered if such an acute condition could be handled with Homoeopathy, but as Dr. Gupta said, I followed his instructions. 2 days later in the morning when I went to the bathroom in the morning, I passed urine with difficulty and there was a sound hitting the vessel. I later found out that I had just passed out a huge stone in my urine. It was an unbelievable realization that in just 2 days Homoeopathy was able to cure me off this acute condition and I am very thankful to Dr. Sanket Gupta for this. 


New Delhi

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