Mal Union of Fractures

A mal-united fractured bone can become a life long hidrance and if the Homoeopathic medicines are given at the right time then there is absolute chance of complete unison of the bones in the most natural and harmless manner.

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Difficult to pin point at a particular cause. It is usally a natural process and anything that causes hindrance to the natural phenomena will prevent the union of fractured bones.

  • Pain
  • Restricted movement
  • Affected area is swollen
  • complete rest
  • physiotherapy

Homoeopathic medicines work in the most natural way and help in catalyzing the healing process which eventually helps in the complete and proper union of the fractured bones. There are specific medicines for specific stages of the union of bones and depending upon the stage the medicine is prescribed.

  • X-ray of the affected bone
  • blood Calcium levels
  • Vitamin D levels

Mal Union of Fractures

I am Dr. G.S.Garkal 68 Yrs old consultant Radiologist, MBBS, DMRD, MD.
During my age of 52 yrs to 59 yrs, I had 4 Road side accidents. In each accident I had 3-4 Bones Fractured. They include bones of Foot, Knee Joint, Multiple Ribs, Clavicle, Bones of Wrist joint, hand and Nasal Bone.
In every episode of accident, first I consulted Orthopedic Surgeon regarding fractures. After that would inform about my injuries to Dr.A.K.Gupta (Consultant in Homoeopathy). I had always believed Homoeopathy has a great role in prompt relieving of Soft Tissues Swelling, Relief in Pain and good Callus formation at Fracture sites. True to my belief in all the 4 accidents, Swelling & Pain had disappeared within few days of injuries. There had been PROMPT & COMPLETE HEALING WITH GOOD CALLUS FORMATION with Homoeopathic treatment. NO DELAYED OR NON UNION of any fracture was noticed.
Now my present impression is, if Homoeopathic treatment is taken (from a competent homoeopathic Consultant) in fracture cases, it will help the patients in quick relief of agony of pain, & timely (or may be earlier) union of fracture.
I feel it will be more beneficial in the patients above 40 yrs of age when callus formation at fracture sites take comparatively longer duration of time & sometime partial union.

(Consultant Radiologist)

New Delhi

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