Lipoma is a benign (noncancerous) tumor that is made up of fat cells and may occur in any tissue that contains fat. Lipomas are soft, round, mobile, and doughy to feel. They are situated just below the skin and the overlying skin looks normal. Lipoma is more commonly observed in age group of 40-60 years. Single Lipomas are more common in women and multiple Lipomas (Lipomatosis) more common in men. Lipomas are more commonly observed on back, extremities, and chest.

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A lipoma is formed as a result of deposition of Fats in the dermis (2nd layer of the Skin).

Usually these are asymptomatic, but may cause heaviness and slight pain on pressure.

Lipoma is a true surgical condition, as the medicines cannot dissolve the accumulated fat. Hence surgical removal is the mainstay management for lipoma, if lipoma is too large and troublesome. If they do not harm you, they are better not disturbed surgically.

Homeopathy has a role to play and many cases have been cured but it takes quite some time to get the perceptible result.

Routine Blood, FNAC, Biopsy

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