• Group of neurological disorders characterized by seizures (episodes that vary from brief & nearly undetectable to long periods of vigorous shaking)
  • Seizures may present in 3 main ways:-
  • (a) Generalized (involving both hemispheres of brain)
  • (b) Partial (affecting 1 hemisphere of brain) 
  • (c) Absence Seizures (these are non-convulsive)
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Epileptic seizures are the result of excessive & abnormal cortical nerve cell activity in the brain. Seizures may be genetic or acquired in origin.
  • Genetic – most epilepsy are due to interaction of multiple genes and environmental factors. In identical twins, if one is affected there is a 50– 60% chance that the other will also be affected. Close relatives of a person with epilepsy have a risk 5 times that of the general population
  • Acquired – it may occur as a result of a number of other conditions including tumours, strokes, head trauma, previous infections of the Central Nervous System (like meningitis, encephalitis, etc.), and as a result of brain damage around the time of birth
  • Partial seizures are often preceded by certain experiences, known as an aura which may be sensory, psychic, autonomic, or motor phenomena
  • Jerking activity may start in a specific muscle group
  • non-consciously generated activities called Automatisms may occur and mostly repetitive movements like smacking of the lips or attempts to pick something up
  • contraction of the limbs followed by their extension along with arching of the back which lasts 10–30 seconds (the tonic phase)
  • shaking of the limbs in unison (clonic phase)
  • person often turns blue. May have Frothing
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control may occur
  • tongue may be bitten at either the tip or on the sides
Whenever you see a person having a 'fit' or an epileptic seizure in front of you, follow these steps:-
  1. Shout for help
  2. Get the patient to lie down on his or her side
  3. Never put things inside the mouth of the patient
  4. Remove all the harmful things in the surroundings which can injure the patient
  5. If the fit continues for more than 5 minutes then the patient should be taken to the hospital.
Epileptic seizures are a commonly seen phenomena. It’s a debilitating experience for the patient as well as the attendants. It’s a disease where the brain nerve cells send irregular impulses causing vigorous shaking of the entire body. Such a disease takes time to be treated. Modern science has over the years definitely helped in understanding these fits better. Majority of cases can be well managed by the common Allopathic neurological drugs.  But these drugs have to be taken at least 3 years till the last attack occurred. The problem with such treatment is that these drugs have a lot of side-effects. They make the person lousy and weak. The memory goes down. Certain cases turn up into mental disorders as well. And the worst part is that after the Neurologist stops the medicines there is a recurrence of the attacks in a lot of cases. Over the years, Homoeopathy has proved to be a fitting reply to the dreadful fits. Yes the treatment plan is longer than usual diseases, but cure is certain in 70-80% of the cases. What separates the Homoeopathic treatment from other modes of medicine is that the Homoeopathic medicine prescribed to the patient is selected very meticulously taking care of the causative and triggering factors, the stage of the disease and the constitution of the patient in general. That is precisely the reason why 2 people having epilepsy may be given 2 entirely different medicines based on the just mentioned factors. On the other hand, the Allopathic drugs are chemical based and usually the same medicines or salts are prescribed to 2 different patients. Also, once a Homoeopathic doctor realises that his patient does not need any more medication to fight Epilepsy, there are hardly any chances of recurrence of seizures. The only chance that this can happen again is when the patient is under unbearable discomfort, which can be either physical discomfort or mental trauma. Along with the medication one must also take care of few things. A patient with epilepsy must not be exposing himself/herself to the T.V or computer screens for long and uninterrupted hours. One must have a sound and complete sleep as lack of sleep is a very common triggering factor for a fit to come. Eat healthy and timely food. Excess of all the things must be avoided. If one takes care of all the above mentioned things and takes the Homoeopathic medicines regularly, then there is no reason why the suffering patient not be cured permanently even after stopping the medication.
  • EEG (Electro-encephalogram) of the brain
  • CT scan and MRI of the Brain
  • Complete Haemogram


Remarkable Treatment of Epilepsy with Homoeopathy


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