To Travel is to Live

Life is a journey. And to make this journey more beautiful and meaningful, we travel. We travel across cities, across landscapes, across continents to marvel the beauty of our Mother Earth. Travelling is an enriching experience. It is not only good for the economic growth of a country but also for the overall growth of an individual. 
Recent studies have also proven numerous benefits of travelling. Some of these benefits are – 
It improves overall physical health. Engaging in outdoor activities, spending time close to nature helps in stabilising BP, improves immunity, and makes a person physically fit.
It improves mental health. Travelling helps lower stress levels, aids in recovery from depression and anxiety problems, encourages flexibility in our thinking process, and ensures mental peace. It also enhances your tolerance of uncertainty which can work wonders for reducing anxiety.
It makes us more creative and incduces out of box thinking as we encounter new and challenging situations which were unexpected. It also enhances problem solving skills.
As we meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, it helps us to look at things from a different perspective. It nourishes love and respect for others, and for the entire humanity at large.
You get to know yourself better as you spend more time with yourself and might even be surprised to discover certain skills which you thought you never had!
Travelling revitalises the human soul and significantly improves productivity at work as it provides a much needed break from excessive workload and monotony of daily life. 
The enormity and beauty of nature in its various forms makes us humans humble as we realise how tiny we are in this entire existence. It makes us more appreciative and grateful for all that we have!
Today, people of all ages are taking to travelling more seriously. It is an excellent investment in yourself that promotes physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. Spending time with nature brings us close to our own existence. It broadens our perspective about life, teaches us to maintain balance and be in sync with nature, and even makes us realise to be more mindful and appreciative of all the other living organisms co-existing with us on this beautiful planet of ours. 
Thus, we at AKGsOVIHAMS encourage you to travel. Travel to discover places, to meet people, to love animals, to grow stronger bonds with your loved ones, to make beautiful memories, and most importantly to know thyself in the true sense. Be safe while you travel and also be responsible to spread love, happiness, maintain cleanliness, and ensure that our Home, Planet Earth, grows more beautiful as this is all we have!
Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller’
                                                                                        - Ibn Battuta