Dr.Sanket Gupta Presented Paper in 1st National Conference of LMHI on Uterine Fibroid

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Dr.Sanket Gupta Presented Paper in the 1st  National Conference of LMHI Indian Chapter on 24-25th May 2014 held at Hotel Piccadily New Delhi. 

Around 400 doctors from all over India attended the conference. He presented his paper on case of Uterine Fibroid cured with Homoeopathy. The conference was participated by Homoeopathic Stalwartz of India like Dr.S.M.Sing from Allahbad, Dr.Farokh J .Master, Dr.Vishpala Parthasarthy,Dr.Ajit Kukarni etc. from Mumbai, Dr.J.D.Daryani form Rajasthan, Dr.Ramjee Singh form Bihar, Dr.Mridul Sahani, Dr.Arun Bhasme and many more Senior Homoeopaths from various states of the country attended the conference.


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