Chikungunya, Dengue & Malaria -

  on 09-Oct-2016     57

Interview of Prof.Dr.A.K.Gupta of AKGsOVIHAMS by FM 96.6 of Apna Radio of IIMC. Interviwed by Mr. Rajender Chugh. In the present scenario of prevalent cases of Chikunguniya & Dengue in Delhi. The situation is that almost every house has having a patient suffering with fever. Few deaths have also  been reported. Patients with severe Joint Pains, Fever, Headaches, Rashes etc. are the main symptoms. Lot of patients are turning to Homoeopathy and Ayurveda for its treatment and Cure. As patients are not responding to usual Antipyretics and Pain killers. Antibiotics has no role in viral diseases. On the contrary painkillers etc. are causing more harm as it enhances the bleeding and leading into more complications. Homoeopathy has been found very effective in treating such cases. Patients with Joint pains of post Chikunguniya are being largely benefited with

Homoeopathy Though Prevention is better then cure. Homoeopathic medicines like Eupatorium Perf, Rhus Tox, Polyporus, Gels, Bryonia and Oscimum are found very effective. Though the remedy has to be selected on the individualisation of the case. Homoeopathy has been working as a preventive also. Patients & attendants should not panic, they must see the nearest qualified Registered Homoeopathic doctor if having any symptoms as discussed above. AKGsOVIHAMS has been treating such patients sucessfully. The monthly E-News letter of AKGsOVIHAMS is specially dedicated to Chikungunya for creating awareness. You can subscribe for Free Monthly E-Newsletter, visit for more.


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