Anal Fistula

• An anal fistula is a tunnel that runs from inside the anus to somewhere in the skin around it.
• It usually follows an infection that didn’t heal the right way.

  • Just inside the anus are several glands that make fluid. Sometimes, they get blocked or clogged. When that happens, a bacteria build-up can create a swollen pocket of infected tissue and liquid. This condition is called an abscess. If the abscess is not treated well, it grows up further. Eventually, it’ll make its way to the outside and punch a hole in the skin somewhere near the anus so the deposit inside it can drain. The fistula is the tunnel that connects the gland to that opening.
  • A fistula can also come from conditions like tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, or an ongoing illness that affects the bowels.

• Pain
• Redness
• Swelling around the anus
• Bleeding
• Painful bowel movements or urination
• Fever
• A foul-smelling liquid oozing from a hole near the anus

• Do Sitz-bath with potassium permanganate crystals once or twice a day
• Avoid sitting for long periods of time
• Avoid constipation and straining for defecation
• Keep the anal area clean and hair free as much as possible

Anal fistula is a common Ano-rectal disorder where a blind opening from inside the anal cavity tends to make its way out into the anus leading to formation of a tract called ‘fistula’. The tract usually gets infected off and on with bacterial activity leading to discharge of pus or blood or at time transparent fluid in the anal region. As the tract is a blind opening, it is extremely difficult to tell from outside for an examining physician about the depth of the entire tract. Hence very commonly people end up getting a fistula surgically treated without giving conservative methods a chance. The misery doesn’t end here! Often a surgically corrected fistula can relapse with a greater vigour and trouble for the patient.

The fact is, that an anal fistula is absolutely curable and does not really require a surgical intervention! Homoeopathy has some wonderful medicines to treat this malady completely off its very roots. The aim is to minimize the occurrence of refilling of the fistula and also to eventually heal the abscess in the background that is actually the precursor of this condition.

Along with medicines, hygiene, food habits, bowel movements play a pivotal role. One must abide by all the directions given to the patient by his/her treating doctor, otherwise on one hand the medicine is trying to heal, while on the other hand these factors would just keep on adding the pile of infection to the already infected tract. Like eating too much of spicy food or not maintain the anal hygiene can all lead up to causing the infection and reopening of the fistula. Prolong sitting should be avoided as much as possible.

Some of the extremely useful Homoeopathic medicines for the treatment of Anal Fistula are: - Silicea, Nux Vomica, Nitric Acid, Aesculus, Graphites, etc.

• Physical clinical examination
• Proctoscopy
• X-ray of the Colon
• CT scan of the Colon
• Colonoscopy

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