Anal Fissure

• An anal fissure is a small cut or tear in the lining of the anus
• It can affect people of all ages, and it’s often seen in infants and young children


• Chronic constipation
• Frequent diarrhoea
• Straining during childbirth or bowel movements
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), such as Crohn’s disease
• Decreased blood flow to the anorectal area
• Overly tight or spastic anal sphincter muscles
• Anal cancer
• Tuberculosis
• Syphilis
• Herpes

• A visible tear in the skin around the anus
• A skin tag, or small lump of skin, next to the tear
• Sharp pain in the anal area during bowel movements
• Streaks of blood on stools or on toilet paper after wiping
• Burning or itching in the anal area

• Drink more fluids
• Eat more fibrous foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables
• Do sitz bath to relax the anal muscles, relieve irritation, and increase blood flow to the anorectal area
• Don’t ignore diarrhoea
• Avoid constipation and don’t strain while defecating

The pain of an anal fissure can be excruciating and extremely agonizing. The skin of and around the anus is extremely soft and sensitive as it is required to take the pressure while a person strains for defecation. A cut at such a sensitive area can be unexplainably painful. It is an extremely common condition and can be seen in people of all age groups. A lot of infants also suffer with it due to their unclear bowel movements.

The most important factor in the treatment of an anal fissure is to avoid all situations where a patient might have to strain during defecation. So be it constipation or even frequent loose stools (diarrhoea), need to be avoided at all costs. Diet rich is fibres and roughage are advisable for patients suffering from an anal fissure. Water and fluid intake have to be on the higher side to prevent hardening and drying of the stool. Doing sitz bath using potassium permanganate crystal is a good pain reliever and acts as a disinfectant as well. one should avoid taking any pain killer as once the pain is suppressed, it comes back again with more intensity by eventually reducing the pain tolerance of the mucosal lining of the anus.

Homoeopathy has a sure short cure for anal fissure. The sweet pills can take away all the agony of the severe pain that a tear (or fissure) can cause in the anal lining. When a patient is treated constitutionally, so his / her chronic constipation tendency also vanishes as this is what actually forms the basis of cure in a patient suffering from anal fissure. No straining to get the hard stool out, no formation of anal fissure. Management and following the dos and don’ts is the most important aspect of the treatment of anal fissure.

There are many Homoeopathic medicines that are extremely beneficial in treating a case of Anal Fissure. Some of the often-used remedies are – Nux Vomica, Aesculus, Ratanhia, Silicea, Acid Nitric, Thuja, etc.

• Physical clinical examination
• Proctoscopy

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