Spasmodic Dysphonia

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Spasmodic Dysphonia

Rare Voice Disorder cured with Homoeopathy

I am writing this to thank for getting benefits of the treatment what I have got and also to spread the awareness and information regarding a very rare and unknown disease called “Spasmodic Dyphonia (SD)” from which I was suffering.

Because this disease is very difficult to recognise so first of all I would like to give little information regarding this disease “SD”. This is a voice related problem. This is a neurological disease. I was feeling very difficult to speak. I need to put lot of effort so speak and my voice quality also got changed .It sounds like I am having cold and cough. Everybody was saying me weather I am ill. Because of the effort and strain it was creating pain also in throat. If I was speaking while laughing then sound quality was good. In the morning also sound quality was good. But as the day progresses the sound quality deteriorates. While singing also its perfectly fine.  Speaking after eating something is more difficult. Tightening of throat muscles.

Now I will tell whole thing how it happened with me and how I got to know about this:
This was around last year  in july 2013 when I felt that there is something wrong in my throat. Prior to this also it was happening but occasionally. But from this period it was continuous. Initially I was feeling that I am having cough/cold. So I went to ENT doctor. But after his check-up he said it’s perfectly ok. But still he gave some general antibiotics and immunity booster medicines. But after a week , problem was same. Then to cross check I went to some more good ENT doctors(2-3) .They also said it seems no cold/cough. At one of the clinic he done Laryngoscopic test also. This test is to check the movement of vocal cords in our voice box in throat. My both vocal cords was also moving ok. So this is also ruled out. As the day progresses and the problem was same so I was more tensed and I wanted to get check all possibilities. So I got my lung functioning test checked , chest  x ray, thyroid test, ECG test etc.. All was ok. Now I was more worried because I knew something was wrong and I was unable to figure it out.

Then one another ENT doctor said this is due to stress and anxiety and I need some speech therapy. It seems something related so I visited a speech therapist but it also didn’t worked.

Due to this problem I was losing my confidence in day to day life. As it was difficult to speak with people so I started avoiding talking with my friends and office colleagues. I was feeling very nervous and stressful in office. In stress my voice quality deteriorates.

While all these tests I was parallely searching and studying on internet a lot.  One day I came across on net about this word “Spasmodic Dyphonia”(SD). This is a neurological disease and its cause is still unknown. As I tried all things but nothing worked so I thought to try homeopathy also. I come to know about OVIHAMS clinic through net. I visited there and met Dr. Sanket Gupta. I explained him verything. We discussed about this disease SD. Frankly speaking at that time I was thinking I will not get cured here also but still I wanted to try and give a chance. I trusted on him and continued his medicines. Initially for few weeks he tried different medicines. After around 2 months I got smell of improvement in voice quality. There I  got a confidence in myself. After some of adjustment and try in medicines we were coming close to disease. Now as the months progresses the quality of sound was keep on improving. I can’t tell u how much happy I was and now also.

It’s around a year completed and it’s almost cured. I am still continuing it to cure it completely and from roots. Also because along with this I am taking medicines for my hair loss.
In my study on internet I come across an article of a lady “Julie Melody” in Michigan who was also having similar problem (refer below link for article). I written her mail and she also guided very much to me.

Although in her case the cause was different. But through her I came to know a lot about this disease.

Here I am giving some internet references/links along with her article path:

As this kind of problem is very rare and very difficult to identify in India so I hope my article may be helpful if anyone is having similar problem.
I again thank to Dr. Sanket Gupta from my deep heart for bringing my voice back. The kind of happiness I am having can’t be explained through words for him. It’s like I got a new life.

Thanks & Regards


New Delhi